Bugging Day - Sweet Dreams



To suffer from asthma is no picnic. You cough, wheeze, and struggle to breathe, thanks to mucus and tightening of the chest. What would you say if there was a device that you could put in your bedroom, a machine that considerably cleans the air around you when you sleep, so you may have practically no symptoms at all any more, night or day? Would you believe it if I said there is such a thing? Well there is, and you could try it out. If it works for you, you could breathe easily and add to all those ...

A new hotel software

We really need a new hotel reservation system for our hotel. As it is now it's not working that good actually. So I'm going to search around for a software that's good for us. The thing that's so good about a system like this is that it's a lot easier for our customers to find us and book a room in our hotel. So I'm atleast going to try it for some time to see if it's something for us. But I really think that it is going to work out great!

I keep my fingers crossed

Finally, today our new c ouch will arrive. At least I hope so. The last two times they said the couch definitely would come they canceled the delivery just a few hours before the agreed delivery. But I have a good feeling about today. My husband stays at home so I can still go to my painting lessons. I will be home at 12 o'clock and at that time my husband will go to his work. Actually I hope the couch will before 12 o'clock. It is a heavy couch and it is much easier if my husband helps to ...